Yet in Thy Dark Streets Shineth the Everlasting Light

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus birth

Around 2020 years ago a baby was born in humble and scandalous circumstances who would go on to change the course of history. Even our calendar and date system is organised around the date of his birth – AD 2020. And today his life and teaching is still impacting lives.

The story of his coming is told in the Bible.  But can we rely on those accounts? Did things really happen that way? What does it mean for us today?  We’ve put together some videos to help explore these questions.

Beverley Baptist Church presents The Meaning of Christmas

If you’d like to find out more about Jesus and how he impacts people’s lives today, here are links to some Sunday services with a Christmas theme:

Advent Hope

Advent Peace

Advent Joy

Advent Love – carol service including our 2020 church nativity play