Men’s Group

Weekly Monday Evenings
(Bible Study, Discussion, Prayer, Banter, Biscuits!)


The Men’s group averages 8-10 men meeting every Monday evenings to have fellowship, study scripture and pray together.

We welcome any man wishing to explore, discuss and be supported through their daily walk with Jesus whether they be husbands, fathers, neighbours, workers or those enjoying retirement.

Through study and discussion, we look to support and challenge one another with the last year being a time of growth both as individuals and as a group.

This year we have read, watched, discussed, debated and prayed for many things including how we get our children through church, our frontline ministries and, an immensely challenging and encouraging book by Peter Greig entitled Dirty Glory.

New members are always welcome.

Tuesday Housegroup

Weekly Tuesday evenings
(Bible Study, Coffee and Cakes,……)

The Tuesday Housegroup meets weekly during term times to study the Bible and support each other through prayer.

Over the past year the group have studied the book of Exodus, and a Keswick study guide “Hearing God’s Word”.  We took a break to join with others in the church in following the Frontline resources throughout Lent, alongside the sermons on the same topic.  As a group we have always shared and prayed for issues from each other’s work, family and other situations, but it was really good to spend time identifying the range of frontlines with which we each engage, and to identify and pray for our ongoing witness there.  It has prompted us to set up a housegroup WhatsApp so we can share prayer requests and encouragements more easily.

We are now starting to study The Bible Course for the next couple of months, which will be a great opportunity to deepen our knowledge of God at work throughout His Word.  We are looking forward to welcoming some additional members who are joining us as we undertake these studies.

We are always happy to see new faces, so please do contact us if you’d like to come along to any of our meetings.

The Catch Up Group

Wednesday Evenings
(Bible study, Discussion, Food…)

We meet weekly on a Wednesday evening from 7.30pm to ‘catch up’ with what God is doing and wants to do in our lives. We study the Bible using different mediums, the book itself, Bible study guides and DVD presentations as well as having special focus evenings of worship through prayer and music. We love food and so enjoy some light refreshments at the end of each evening and sometimes get together for meals.

We have grown in number to about 12 and have just started the Bible Course. In recent months we have done a study on Angels and also joined the church in Life on the Front Line which we found thoughtful and inspiring, especially the Lords’ Prayer.

Power of the Praying Parent (PPP)

Alternate Thursday Evenings
(Womens Group – Friendship, Bible Study, Prayer, Occasional meals/Pudding parties,…)

We are a group of ladies that meet on alternate Thursday evenings for friendship, discussion, prayer and bible study.

During the autumn and winter period our studies followed a Resurrection series, looking at encounters with the risen Jesus.  During Lent we have followed the Life on the Frontline series of studies along with the rest of the church and supported by Sunday sermons.  This has been great in making us more aware of the mission fields we are placed in every day and encouraging us to respond to the opportunities that we have to share our faith in our workplaces, families, friendship groups and with other contacts outside of church.  We have felt the need to be praying for opportunities, prepare for them and be accountable to each other.  We’ve shared stories of when we have been able to share our faith and reflect on missed opportunities too.  Part of our reflection has been a realisation that God wants to use us as ordinary people in ordinary situations as part of his plan to bring humanity back to him.  We don’t necessarily have a big or extraordinary mission; however, the part God wants us to play in his plan is no less valid or important!  God wants to reach everyone – including the people we meet every day!

Going forward, we are looking forward to starting the Bible Course in the summer to develop our understanding of the whole Bible.

Hopefully most of the above shows that we are a group that seeks to find ways to make our personal faith relevant to every aspect of lives – God promises us an abundant life that we can enjoy in all its fullness!