What to expect


  • Casual atmosphere
  • Sunday morning services that last around 90 minutes
  • Thought-provoking messages based on the Bible
  • Live worship music
  • Activities for your children and young people

For your family

We provide your children with age-appropriate, culturally relevant teaching. Your child will hear the truth of God’s word and learn how to apply it to their lives. We have a Creche for under 3 years, a 3-6 years group called cBeebies, a 6-11 years group called CBBC, and 11+ group called HD. All adults who work with children are DBS checked.

‘Discussion’ Services

Beginning January 2020, one service a month will include a more interactive teaching session as an alternative.  The service will follow our usual pattern, and there will be a traditional sermon as usual, but during that time there will also be an option in another room to explore the same passage or theme through a combination of short talks, Q&A, discussion, and multimedia.  Discussion services will usually be on the third Sunday of each month.

Explore Together Services

These are all-age service, with the hall arranged ‘café-style’, with tables and chairs.  Drinks and cake are available during the service, and all-ages worship together in a variety of creative and interactive ways.  At the centre of the service we split into groups to consider our Bible passage in six zones, based round the six learning styles.  The zones are: busy, colour, word, quiet, listening, and discussion.  We then come back together to share what we have learned in the zones.  Explore Together services are usually the first Sunday in February, April, June, October, and December.