Our Team

Phil Palmer – Minister

Phil joined Beverley Baptist Church in June 2015, after 3 years in Ministry in Hertfordshire; before that he worked in University Administration.  He grew up near Wigan, and felt God calling him back to the North of England, even if on the other side of the Pennines!  Phil is married and he has two children.

Phil is available for a chat by emailing phil.palmer@beverleybaptist.com.  His blog can be found at philinthemiddle.wordpress.com.


Karen – Church Ministries Coordinator

Karen is responsible for the administration of the church office including the upkeep of registers and databases as well as being a gifted graphic designer.

Karen is the first port of call when contacting BBC.  She will answer or direct any enquiry to its correct destination so as to ensure smooth running of the church.

Karen also plays a key role in coordinating our work with children and young people, including running our church holiday clubs.

Feel free to make contact with her by email, by telephone or in person at the church office.


Alison Cockerill – Leadership Team

Alison joined the leadership team in 2018. Alison works for local government.


Ruth Newton – Leadership Team

Ruth joined the leadership team in 2018. Ruth is a school teacher.


Chris Peach – Leadership Team and Treasurer

Chris has been a Christian since 1992 and a member of Beverley Baptist Church since that date.  He moved from the midlands to this community a little while before that to pursue his career as a Town Planner for the local authorities.

A keen runner, cyclist, the church’s resident roadie and our principle sound guy, Chris is married and he has two teenage daughters.


Steph Tongeman – Leadership Team

Steph has recently changed her career path and is studying a theological course at St Hild College in Sheffield. She is also involved in the family software development business.

Steph likes gardening and almost anything outdoors.